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Quality Service, Simplicity, and Budget Friendly Pricing Options. These are the three core values that guide us as we provide music and entertainment for you and your events. Our compassion, care, and concern for the work that we do places us in a unique position to act as business role models in the community. Hands On Music, LLC. This Is It!







Hands On Music, LLC is an emerging competitive organization in the entertainment industry, known for its above and beyond customer service experience,  high value services, and considerable contribution to community efforts.



Many people associate ethics with one's ability to do good. However, ethics really refers to the system that one uses to determine what is good. In today's socially connected, technologically advanced, and opinion polarized global community, "the right thing" or "doing good" is different depending on who you talk to. At Hands On Music, LLC, we respect diversity, and we continually strive to be inclusive of others. In other words, we prefer to be other-oriented rather than self-oriented. As for ethics, there are many different ethical systems which one could choose from, and although there are a few which seem to be more well-known than others, we tend to look at every situation from multiple lenses and perspectives.


Quite honestly, there may be times when you, and possibly many others, disagree with our decisions and/or behaviors. The truth is that there is nothing that we can say or do that will provide 100% assurance that we will always do what you or the world considers to be the right thing. Although we may not always agree on what the right thing is, our hope is that we can find common ground on why certain actions are right and others are wrong.


We believe that people - and companies (who are merely just a group of organized people) - make mistakes. Every action has a consequence and some consequences are good while others are not so good. Ethics is something that we take seriously, even when it is not the easiest thing to do.


The very essence of entrepreneurship is the art of risk taking. Businesses, like Hands On Music, LLC, explore options and take calculated risks in hopes of a reward or return on investment. A business that has little impact on the community takes less risks than a company that plans to engage with the community and sustain or improve the quality of life for clients and or partners. Before Hands On Music, LLC was a registered business in the state of Oregon with an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, it was simply Hands On - the stage name of Aaron Harris who published several self-released songs. The risk of Hands On was limited to that of Aaron and only the talent, time, and treasure that he invested in his own work. In 2016, Hands On became Hands On Music, LLC and thus the risk had increased, but so did the return on investment. Realize that profit, or cash flow, is not the only return on investment. Sometimes the joy of watching a bride get married to her husband and seeing the son cry because he officially has a father in the house is worth the cost of providing high class service at a discounted price.


It may seem odd for us to discuss risk when we're really supposed to be addressing the intricacies of our ethics, but risk and ethics go hand in hand, especially for businesses. As a business, we pledge to keep people first and profit second. There is a scripture, Mark 8:36, that reads, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? We understand that as a business we have to focus on profit margin, market share, branding, publicity, and all sorts of boring things. We understand that often times the competitive edge is in the business decisions, not the product or the service. We realize that in business, common courtesy is as fair as the law which protects the consumer. However, we also recognize that companies are nothing but a group of organized people with a common cause. And so as people, we demonstrate common courtesy and unexplainable expression of grace with mercy to others, even when we have a right to do otherwise under the law.


We are not afraid of failure, and we are not afraid of success. We don't mind competition and we maintain assertive business strategies. We take responsibility for our actions, but we do not make excuses for our beliefs. We hold fast to our values and recognize that sometimes doing the right thing for people may be the wrong thing for the company. Fortunately for us, doing the right thing for people has allowed us to expand the company into what it is today - Next Move Radio, My New DJ, and Hands On.


When it comes to ethics, this is part of our bloodstream. Hands On Music, LLC - This is what we do!


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