Hands On Music, LLC is a music and entertainment company owned and operated by Aaron and Kelsey Harris. The company does work in music performance, music production, and music performance.


The company was officially founded in February 2016 Aaron has been working on this project since as early as 2004. Some of the current brands developed by Hands On Music, LLC include My New DJ, Next Move Radio, and Hands On. Each of these brands represent a different facet of the music and entertainment market that the company is hoping to participate in.


Hands On Music, LLC is still a young and growing company, with just about one year in business. The company leadership believes that year one was a huge success. The My New DJ brand exceeded it’s expected revenue performance for 2016, and led to the development of the Next Move Radio brand. Hands On is our flagship brand that started it all, in a sense. Our history actually goes much deeper than Hands On, but we'll save that story for a later time.


With a fresh spin on how business should be done, Hands On Music, LLC is shaking up the competition by offering excellent service and products at a reasonable and justified price to consumers.

Aaron Harris


Aaron Harris is an astute African American male born in New York, raised in Florida, and transplanted to Oregon. He is known for his visionary approach to problem solving, as well as his drive for success, passion, and creativity.


Many people who know Mr. Harris call him a natural born leader. His calm and comforting demeanor make him easy to follow. Although he doesn’t claim to be a natural born leader, he does openly share that he is an introvert with a desire to influence. Mr. Harris says, “The way that I see the world is much different than most people.” Aaron has a childlike outlook on how life should be, yet he speaks with the wisdom of an older generation.


“Followers are usually the easiest people to follow,” is something else that Mr. Harris says. As he is not ashamed to share his faith in Jesus Christ and belief that there is a higher power from which he gains all of his strength to endure. Mr. Harris works hard not to push his beliefs onto others, especially as a business owner, but it is almost inevitable that a light, even when blocked by a hand, does not shine brightly in dark places.


“My vision for Hands On Music, LLC is to provide people with something that they desire, but have difficulty obtaining it. Music is just the material that I use to build a structure, just like wood and bricks is the material used to build a house. It is what you place in that house that turns it into a home. If an investor were to ask me, what is my competitive edge, I would say my connection. I have yet to meet a competitive company that has the connection that I have. The connection to people, resources, and purpose; no one has that like I do. And I don’t invest in things, I invest in people. This is how I plan to run my company” - Aaron Harris


Kelsey Harris


Kelsey Harris is a compassionate and caring native Oregonian. She has a background in the health industry, working as a CNA and on-call Manager for a home healthcare company. Her absolute, #1 priority in life to be a mother. She believes that this is her life calling, and everything else is just icing on the cake.


Kelsey is an extroverted social butterfly, but she hates being in the spotlight. As a co-owner of Hands On Music, LLC, she provides much of the strategic and emotional support for the company’s success.

Hands On Music, LLC

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